Spreading Like Wildfyre: Reaching Consumers Through Blogs

Wildfyre is a community for start-up bloggers PAGEONE created in 2019. It aims to provide assistance to start-up bloggers in the Philippines in their journey as content creators by providing technical assistance in launching and maintaining one of the most important platforms in their career as a blogger – website.

On top of providing technical assistance, PAGEONE also provides seminars and workshops among Wildfyre community members which covers the topics of social media, content creation and personality development.

Since its launch in 2019, PAGEONE was able to sign up more than 100 start-up bloggers in the Philippines which include region-based bloggers who are located in major provinces in the country. PAGEONE was also successful in terms of engaging its blogger members by conducting various workshops, and seminars that are designed to help them develop their skills as content creators.

Due to the success of the campaign, WIldfyre has received a total of four (4) Anvil Awards from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) in a span of two (2) years.

On top of the recognitions the campaign received, it also provided PAGEONE a new business opportunity for PAGEONE as brands and agencies tap Wildfyre to disseminate news and stories reaching Filipino audience on a national level.

Awards Won:

• Silver Anvil Award – 55th Anvil Awards – Public Relations Program – Public Relations Program on a Sustained Basis – Entrepreneurship/Job Generation/SME
• Silver Anvil Award – 55th Anvil Awards – Public Relations Tool – Multimedia/Digital Tool – Website/Blog
• Silver Anvil Award – 56th Anvil Awards – Public Relations Tool – Multimedia/Digital Tool – Website/Blog
• Silver Anvil Award – 56th Anvil Awards – Public Relations Program – Public Relations Program Directed at Specific Stakeholders – Communities

Years Won:

2020, 2021

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Local and International Awards


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2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


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2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


The most expansive Online Media Network

Aside from our traditional and online media networks, we are the only public relations agency in the Philippines that manages our own online media network that can reach millions of audiences in the country and across the world.


Conversations start here.

PAGEONE Media is a group of news and lifestyle online magazines that cater to the different niches of millions of Filipino readers.

This includes Woman.ph, a multiple time Anvil awardee that promotes women empowerment.  Another is Motoring.ph is where car geeks and automotive dealers can get updates about the industry, as well as Chika.ph for the pop culture fans who live and breathe entertainment.

You can also be updated with the regional, local, and international news through our news outlets Thephilippinepost.com, Theluzondaily.com, Thevisayasjournal.com, and Themindanaolife.com.

Those are just a few of the well-known platforms PAGEONE Media has introduced to the public, and the collection is continuously getting bigger and better day by day.

Since its founding in 2015, PAGEONE Media remains one of today’s top online publications in the country.


Spreading stories like wildfire.

Wildfyre are websites and Facebook pages that is developed, maintained and managed by PAGEONE in collaboration with top bloggers in the country.

This is the first and only service being offered in the philippines.

Wildfyre is developed to help connect brands and companies with an established community of content creators and digital influencers. Through Wildfyre, companies and advertising/PR agencies can easily share product narratives and press releases simultaneously through the Wildfyre’s portals and social media pages.

Wildfyre is a platform and a service that can help both big and small brands and companies in their efforts to expand product awareness, build company credibility, and increase their online presence. It’s a one-of-a-kind service that promotes better interaction between brands and consumers.

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