Our Media Networks

Aside from our traditional and online media networks, we are the only public relations agency in the Philippines that has its own online media network that reaches millions of audiences in the country and across the world.

100% Control On Content

We have full control of the content.

Managed Virality

We are able to publish content across the net all at the same time and within 24 hours.

Crisis Management

When there is crisis, we are able to react to issues and allow our client release their statements immediately.

Errors Management

For errata, we can make corrections in less than an hour before it goes viral

Customized Content

We are able to create custom content, format, games for our client.

Social Media Management

We are able to manage content on social media and influence audience behavior.

The only agency with the most expansive agency-owned and managed media network.

With these networks, we are able to create and develop campaigns that will effectively communicate the brand’s message across different demographics, locations and communities online.

PAGEONE Online Network

PAGEONE Media is a group of news and lifestyle online magazines that cater to the different niches of millions of Filipino readers.

In 2021, collectively, all PAGEONE titles attracted 200+ millions pages views.

80+ more blog sites

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