We Are GCash Facebook Page: Utilizing effective social media strategies in promoting corporate reputation

In its quest to provide the most comprehensive and reliable digital financial solutions, GCash, the Philippines’ leading mobile wallet facility, is continuously finding more efficient and effective ways to improve the company’s accessibility to its stakeholders.

We Are GCash, GCash’s official corporate Facebook page, was established to promote the company’s brand reputation by featuring information about the organization and its various CSR initiatives.

Since its launch in July 2019, the page has garnered 67,817 followers—126% beyond the campaign’s target. Familiarity with GCash also increased from 82% to 92%. Positive conversations on the platform have significantly contributed to the company’s overall reputation campaign substantiated by impressive Facebook insights of 2,933,854 total reach and 784,244 total engagement.

More importantly, the We Are GCash Facebook page was able to contribute to the overall improvement of the company’s brand perception rating—seeing a 10% increase from 71% to 83%.

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