Looking Into The Presence Of AI In Content Marketing

In 2023, artificial intelligence, or AI, has become rampant in use as innovations in this technology continue to grow. Its expanding use is reflected in different business sectors, especially in content marketing.

Based on an international study that demonstrated the rise of AI, they have discovered how individuals such as content creators became slightly dependent on what AI could do, as most of their postings and content used this technology before being posted to the public.

Moreover, nine out of 10 creators have experienced utilizing the services of AI for their websites, and one-fourth of this population primarily depends on this technology for their social media content.

Individuals view AI as delivering positive effects to their lives rather than being negative, as this provides them with wider choices and perspectives on topics and helps them come up with suggestions on how they can provide better content for their website or client.

Consumers were also surveyed and revealed that they are more inclined to read content that was delivered using AI rather than engaging with information done by traditional creator content.

This has led to the fact that the presence of AI has emerged in the lives of individuals, as the technology can have the capacity to determine effective ways to provide engaging content to consumers and be a guide to businesses.

There is no doubt that traditional content creators can also do this, but with the advancement of AI, this can be done in a faster phase and can have the same quality as humans.

Despite the convenience of AI, the rightful use of this technology should still be considered, as too much dependency on AI by content creators can cause a gap between them and their target audience or can lead to other issues such as losing the thought of the content because it was written by the system.

To balance off, businesses and companies should know when and how they will use AI on their content without compromising the preferences of their consumers. Even with the innovative side of this technology, the human factor in its outputs should still be present.

There is nothing wrong with using AI, but depending on it as the one that makes the content for a business is the gray area of this innovation, as this can affect the further output of the campaigns, advocacies, and projects of businesses of the clients.

Reassuring that there is a balance in using AI, award-winning public relations agency PAGEONE is bound to help its clients come up with engaging and informative campaigns. Through PAGEONE, clients will not only have outstanding advocacies but can also build a stronger connection with their audiences through its data-driven project results.

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