Utilizing AI For Media Monitoring And Analysis In Public Relations

Today’s innovation is marked by the prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the expanding platforms on the internet. Consequently, there is an ongoing debate about whether AI can be beneficial for businesses or brands or if it might pose challenges instead.

In terms of media platforms, AI has been at the top of the list as an integrated tool for companies as it provides structure and assistance to come up with an effective online presence for the audience.

In the Philippines alone, AI became rampant when it started to boom in the online space during the pandemic. According to Statista Marketing Insights, there are over 1,709 million Filipinos who use this technology in different fields such as robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing, which showed a 34% growth compared to last year.

The data also showed the possibility of reaching more than the number of two million Filipinos when it comes to the usage of AI, considering the same field mentioned. This data gave a gist of how the usage of this innovative technology became a trend not only for individuals but also for businesses.

AI offers valuable support to brands, particularly in the data-driven aspects of business operations, such as media monitoring and analysis. While humans are capable of handling monitoring and analysis tasks on business platforms, AI significantly accelerates this process due to its advanced technology.

In the field of media intelligence, the main application of AI is to provide an easy-to-digest visualization of large chunks of data through its modified technology. This will also help humans to have advanced knowledge of this matter, leading them to provide a more efficient and effective solution or initiative to boost the presence of a business or brand.

This is when media monitoring comes in because human employees will be able to have high accuracy on their data, giving them a more concrete visual of its services and brand standing because of its statistical element that can serve as evidence for its target consumers.

Analysis, on the other hand, is also at stake, as the company can now easily pinpoint which fields they should focus on when AI supports their media monitoring. Moreover, the company can build a stronger foundation when it comes to its growth in its designated industry.

Despite the outstanding support of AI in businesses and brands, companies should still be vigilant when using such a technology, as too much reliance on these innovations can cause issues instead of solutions.

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