This Is How Our Agency Made It Work

While many people are going to the “Financial Capital of the Philippines” for the holidays, our agency decided to take the whole team away.

In the heart of Metro Manila, where Makati’s usual December hustle usually dominates the scene, PAGEONE Group set out on an unconventional journey to nurture a thriving work culture.

Recognizing the need for a break from routine, we decided to break free from the traditional office setup. It wasn’t just about remote working; it was about redefining the workspace entirely. Instead of confining our team within the familiar walls of Makati, we sent them to different countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and known vacation spots in the Philippines like Baler and Boracay for a week of work, exploration, and rejuvenation.

Why? Because, for us, success is not solely measured by bottom lines and deliverables. It’s about crafting an environment that sparked new ideas and perspectives, turning their interest into a haven of innovation. Because we treat our team members as not just colleagues but individuals with diverse interests, passions, and dreams.

Encouraging our staff to embrace the local culture of their temporary workspaces, we wanted them to create an atmosphere where work seamlessly intertwined with their life experiences. It’s about finding inspiration beyond the confines of office walls and discovering the creativity that flourishes in the midst of new environments.

As a leader, witnessing the team immerse themselves in different cultures and unwind during off-hours was not just gratifying; it was a testament to the essence of our agency. We believe that a fulfilling work environment extends beyond professional accomplishments—it encompasses personal growth, refreshed mindset, and the joy of exploration.

Most of our work often emphasizes deadlines and deliverables but here at PAGEONE Group, we strive to redefine success. We want to make work not just a part of life but an integral aspect of a journey filled with discovery, connection, and personal fulfillment.

While others may be navigating the familiar streets of Makati these “Ber” months, our team is scattered across different corners of the world, bringing a new perspective to remote working—a perspective that transcends borders and embodies the spirit of a true agency.

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